The Most Expensive Freight Shipping Destination Types

Jan 11, 2022

There are thousands of cities, towns and communities within the United States, and some of these places are known for things like their music scene, their climates, food and other inventions. Other cities have great nightlife, attractions, or the best professional sports teams. This means there are plenty of potential freight shipping destinations in the country, and there are lots of differences between their economies, climates, population and landscapes. This means that you will need to understand how your freight endpoint impacts your prices to ship your goods.

Without this understanding, you could end up frustrated about what you were quoted and probably lose trust in your provider, and you may even be driven to look for a less expensive competitor.

This can interrupt your supply chain because you could end up damaging your relationships with your provider, and you might regret going with a cheaper option as your operations fall apart. Looking for the lowest rate for your freight needs is not the best way to go. However, instead, you should try your best to understand your pricing and the factors that are included in its calculation.

What is a Challenging Shipping Destination?

In the trucking industry, pricing is related to the supply of trucks that are available and the demand for trailer space. So, it should make sense then that cities that have a large supply of outbound freight are where truck drivers want to operate out of since truck drivers need to make the most out of their time and be at places where they can be sure they will be able to find their next load.

In general, the most expensive shipping destinations will fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Heavily congested areas, areas that are overpopulated such as New York or Los Angeles;
  • Cities that have economies based on tourism;
  • Areas that do not have consistent freight demands;
  • Regions that lie in mountainous areas;
  • Locations that are remote.

Now let’s go into some more detail.

Areas that have heavy congestion where traffic is at a standstill or moving at a snail’s pace can be detrimental for truckers hoping to make the most of their hours. Therefore, a driver will need to be compensated for the hours they spend waiting and maneuvering in traffic. So, getting trucks to travel to places such as New York or Los Angeles will be pretty expensive. Usually, drivers will spend a day or even more just getting their freight into position for their drop-off appointment in overpopulated areas. And they need to be compensated accordingly.

Cities that have tourism-based economies, while they do have great nightlife and food, are definitely not the spot for trucking capacity. There are not many manufactured or fabricated goods for truck drivers to haul from these types of places. This means that sending trucks to these cities is more expensive than if they were going to cities that have manufacturing metropolises like Detroit.