How Do Loading Times Impact Freight Shipping Rates?

Dec 26, 2021

Loading times must be monitored, and all companies have to pay attention to this aspect because it will directly impact freight shipping rates. Believe it or not, there is an art to loading procedures, and every company must make the most out of their transportation department to save on shipping rates and improve efficiency.

Plan Properly

Planning has to be part of the process because this will cut down on loading times and reduce your rates. Even if the rate goes down by a small percentage, you will save a lot of money over time because these small fees can add up. The longer a freight truck has to wait, the more they may charge, so loading times do matter, and this is something you need to address. Being prepared will help you save a ton of time because your cargo will be ready. The freight truck will not have to wait, so cargo can be loaded immediately, and multiple shipments would be delivered in fewer trucks, resulting in even more savings over time.

While this may sound easy to do, the proper steps need to be taken to ensure efficiency and success. Squeezing the maximum number of pallets into a container as fast as possible is not the answer. You will have to know the vehicle’s specifications, type of products, destinations, and other important information to speed up the process properly and eliminate wait times. If the right steps are taken, you will notice a big improvement in your entire operation, and the first step is to maximize the capacity of each truck and driver. Mix and match loads if you can and do this by assessing cargo type, size, destination and vehicle capacity. In some cases, palletized cargo will be the right choice, while different loading processes may be necessary for other situations, so this information has to be determined in advance.

Comply With All Regulations

It is a must that your company complies with regulations, and if loading times can improve, you will be able to cut unnecessary costs. Try partnering with freight companies that provide detailed information regarding loading times and shipping rates and ask about the window they provide. This will allow you to be prepared, and you will know how much time your company has in addition to the rates you will be charged and whether or not there is room for flexibility.

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