How To Reduce Freight Costs

Many shippers just assume that the way that they ship freight and the amount that it costs is a fixed number and will never change. But just because something has always been done a certain way does not mean that you shouldn’t try to find more efficient ways to get it done. There are many […]

Tips For Time-Sensitive Freight Shipments

For some shippers, shipping out their cargo on time is a necessity. Time-sensitive or expedited freight shipments tend to be goods that have a short shelf life, such as produce, perishables or prescription drugs. In some cases, urgent shipments like equipment can also be time-sensitive. In order to get the best results when using time-sensitive […]

Tips For Excellent Transportation Budgeting

Logistics costs can quickly become a major expense for a business. With so many external facts, it can make budgeting an extremely challenging process to tackle. Lot Logistics is happy to offer five budgeting tips, each backed by our extensive experience and understanding of the transportation business. Plan, Plan, Plan The best way to effectively […]

Practices For Better Logistics Management

Managing your logistics well is essential for effective supply chain management. Effective supply chain management makes your business routines more efficient and sustainable. What is Logistics Management Logistics management is how organizations manage their supply chain. Logistics management is made up of a number of moving parts, including transportation, storage, and distribution. These practices are […]

Things to Consider When Choosing a Freight Broker

A freight broker will help businesses find the right carriers for their specific load. They have access to rates from a number of different providers and offer their customers the lowest prices. While it would be nice if every broker were able to provide the same exceptional service, that isn’t always the case, and it’s […]

How To Improve LTL Shipping Transit Times

As a small business, you may be familiar with less-than-truckload shipping. If you are familiar, that also means you are likely familiar with the extended shipping times. What you may not know is that there are actually ways that you can improve these delayed times. What is LTL? Less-than-truckload shipping (LTL) is a method of […]



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