Every business has different requirements for shipping cargo, and if you need to transport products that require temperature control, temperature-controlled shipping is a great solution. Items like food, pharmaceuticals and other perishable items will require temperature-controlled shipping, and this service can improve the overall quality of your products while ensuring customer satisfaction.

What is Temperature Controlled Shipping?

When products arrive in their intended and original condition, they will sell, and consumers will get what they want. When items do not arrive in the right conditions, your business will suffer, and products will be wasted, as will your time and money.

Benefits of Temperature-Controlled Shipping

It is a specialized service transporting goods sensitive to climate conditions during transit. This type of truck will maintain stable temperatures from dock to dock through a cooled, frozen or heated truck trailer based on the goods it carries. This type of freight shipping handles and stores goods that must be transported in specific temperatures 

1. Maintain Product Quality

If your business transports perishable items like meat, fresh produce or dairy products, it is a must that they are transported through temperature-controlled shipping services because they require strict temperature control to maintain their quality. This kind of shipping will allow you to maintain product quality and help prolong your products’ shelf life. 

Temperature-controlled trucks are specially designed to maintain a specific temperature range to help prevent spoilage and contamination of your products. This shipping method will also help prevent theft and damage to your products during transportation, and all your items will arrive at the right destination in the same condition as when it was shipped. 

Perishable items have a shorter shelf life, and the only way to maintain the quality and prolong the shelf life of your products is by having them transported via temperature-controlled trucks. Not only will this increase customer satisfaction, it will also improve the overall quality of your products. 

2. Reduce Waste While Saving Costs

Every business wants to reduce waste and save money; temperature-controlled shipping will allow you to do this. This kind of shipping service will help you maintain the quality of your products during transportation, reducing the risk of spoilage, and you won’t have to get rid of damaged products. This will allow your business to enjoy significant cost savings, and you will also establish a reputation as a responsible and caring company that is environmentally conscious. 

Customers pay attention to these details, and reducing waste is now more important than ever. This will allow your company to stand out for all the right reasons, and you will have an advantage over other companies, which is very important in today’s competitive marketplace. 

3. Follow Regulatory Requirements And Industry Standards

Not only will you reduce waste, but your business will also comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards when your products are transported via temperature-controlled shipping. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, for example, has strict guidelines for transporting food products, and if you fail to comply, you will face fines and possibly even legal action. 

Businesses can ensure compliance with these regulations by using temperature-controlled shipping. In addition to avoiding headaches and legal problems, you will also get to maintain your reputation as a responsible supplier customers can rely on. This is a serious matter that can make or break your business, and only when you follow the rules and comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards will you enhance customer loyalty and trust, leading to better sales and revenue.

4. Improve Your Reputation

The business world is very competitive, and you need to offer customers unique services they can’t find anywhere else. Temperature-controlled shipping can be used as a unique selling point, and you can set yourself apart from competitors who do not provide this service. 

Temperature-controlled shipping is an essential service many businesses require to transport products that require temperature control. If you want to differentiate yourself from others, it’s time to look into this service.

Items That Should Be Shipped in a Temperature Controlled Truck

Any item that will deteriorate or spoil when exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity should be shipped in a temperature-controlled truck. These items include but are not limited to:

Produce and Plants

If shipped without proper refrigeration, most produce and plants will wilt or ripen fast, spoiling the goods. Transporting plants and produce in cooled or frozen trailers would prevent this. 

Animal Products

All animal products require temperature-controlled shipping. This includes products like meat, eggs and dairy, which require specific temperatures for the best preservation. 


Products like vaccines and medication will require refrigeration or freezing at specific temperatures; otherwise, they may not be usable by patients and health professionals. Additionally, temperature variations can be hazardous because they can cause the contents to spoil, and the products will become useless. 

Beauty Products

These products can also spoil if they are heated or cooled beyond safe temperatures, and customers cannot purchase melted or damaged products. 


Do you require temperature-controlled shipping solutions? Lot Logistics will provide you with all of the information you need! We offer temperature-controlled shipping services and will meet the unique needs of your business to ensure your products arrive in their original condition. We understand that every company is different, and we will discuss the needs of your business to provide you with the best shipping solution. 

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