Considerations When Shipping On an Open Flatbed Truck

Nov 17, 2021

A flatbed trailer is a great solution for those who need to ship items that will not fit inside a box trailer. Flatbeds are perfect for oversized cargo and are ideal if you are looking for an efficient and affordable way to move items. When shipping on an open flatbed truck, however, a number of key considerations must be taken because the cargo will not be enclosed and the items must be covered and secured appropriately to prevent any problems.

Open flatbed trucks can carry vehicles, construction equipment and heavy machinery and are used for massive items that cannot be loaded into box trailers. This option would provide you with a lot more flexibility because the cargo would be easier to maneuver, so you would have an easier time loading and unloading the items. While flatbed trucks are very useful, they should not be used if the cargo is too delicate or if lots of small and loose items are being shipped because lightweight materials can shift. Small items can also fall off the truck while in transit, so a flatbed trailer would not be suitable in these situations.

One of the many advantages of flatbed trucks is that there are different types available, and your selection should be based on the product that is being moved. Regular or stretch flatbed trailers are often used for long pipes and steel beams, while step-deck and drop-deck flatbed trailers can move tall cargo thanks to the inclusion of a lower deck. If your cargo requires greater clearance, you can use a lowboy flatbed trailer as the entire bed is lowered, which would allow for easy loading and unloading of the items being transported.

You need to be aware of; wind, rain, and snow can all interfere with the product, so shrink-wrap is often recommended as this will provide the cargo with some protection. If the cargo cannot be wrapped, heavy-duty tarps are recommended to shield the product, and specialty tarps can be used to cover and secure lumber, large coils and machinery, just to name a few examples. Conestoga/roll-tite trailers have a sliding tarp system which can also be used for products that need a flatbed but require the load to be completely covered and protected from the elements. It is a must that the material is safely secured to prevent it from flying or rolling off the flatbed, and this is extremely important because safety must be prioritized to protect others on the road. High-strength bungee cords, steel chains and nylon tension straps can all be used to secure the materials in place.

The experts at LOT Logistics use specific techniques to ensure cargo is safe. We specialize in this field and have years of experience in this industry, so you can have peace of mind knowing you can rely on our service. Whether you need freight shipping or flatbed transportation, we do it all, so if you’d like to work with a professional team, contact us today to hear more about our service!