Dec 18, 2021

Flatbed transport is an excellent solution for large shipments that will not fit into a standard truck. Flatbeds have no walls, so size will not be a problem, and this type of shipping service will be able to accommodate your needs. Additionally, forklifts and cranes can load large freight onto a flatbed trailer from any angle, so you will not be limited in this regard and will be able to load and unload your shipment without a loading dock.

Flatbed trailers will eliminate any size constraints, although there are legal maximums for height and width, so your load will have to comply with this information. You will have to provide details about your shipment when talking to a freight specialist, and they will be able to help you with every detail surrounding your transport, including pickup and delivery. The logistics agent will also ask you for dimensions so that they can choose an appropriate trailer, and they will use these details to ensure your freight complies with road laws after it has been loaded. There are different types of flatbed shipments, so the freight specialist will consider every detail to ensure your shipment is safe and secure. Your freight may require additional accessories like tarps and chains, for example, so they will help you determine these specifications so that they provide you with the right flatbed equipment.

Every shipment is unique, and every company has different needs. If you have bulky freight that will not fit into a standard truck or if you have cargo that needs to be loaded from the side, you can rely on flatbeds because they can accommodate big shipments and deliver them properly and safely. Standard and specialized flatbed equipment is available, and if you choose a reputable freight company, you will have peace of mind knowing the transportation process is going to be smooth and stress-free.

Increased safety measures and security procedures must be included with flatbed shipments, so you need to contact a reliable freight company that has experience with flatbed shipments specifically. Safety, in particular, must be prioritized at all times, and your bulky freight must arrive in its original condition. Tarps and straps may be necessary, and all of this information will have to be discussed in advance.

If you have a load that is too tall, too wide, and too bulky or too heavy, you will need flatbed shipping service and the experts at Lot Logistics can help! We specialize in flatbed transportation, so you can rely on our team and our service. Contact us today to see how we can help with your next shipment!